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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find new Bing quiz every week?

Every Week you can find a new bing quiz, the Bing Weekly Quiz. This quizzes are from different topics and they change every week. To find it you have to just type on bing weekly quiz or some word variation: Not working?

What are the different types of quizzes in Bing?

Bing Homepage quiz can be played daily or weekly on various topics like Science, Pets, Geography, History, Sports, Entertainment, Knowledge base, and a lot more! You can also try quizzes like Bing today’s quiz and Bing news quiz if it’s of your interest!

Can you still play Bing homepage quiz?

You can find some of them on the Bing Fun section, but not all of them. So, if you look for older ones, you won’t find it anywhere because they get lost. These are just all of the drawbacks you can get by playing Bing Homepage Quiz. As you can see, there is not many setbacks and you can still play along normally.

Why do people take Bing quizzes?

The last reason is because Bing offers a reward for points. If you take the quizzes, you can gain points on your account. The more you play and use the platform, you win more and more points. These points can be trade and exchange for rewards and prizes that Microsoft gives away.

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