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Frequently Asked Questions

How many historical letters are there in the world?

Here, we share extracts from six such letters, to shine a spotlight on history's key events…

How often does letterjoy send historical letters?

As part of the service, Letterjoy sends out one authenticated historical letter or telegraph each week, according to monthly themes. The letters are largely drawn from the last 400-plus years of American history, sourced by Letterjoy founder Michael Sitver from historical archives and private collections.

What are the best historic letters to give as a gift?

Give the gift of weekly historic letters from figures like Benjamin Franklin, Clara Barton, and George S. Patton. Timely topics: Recent monthly themes include Supreme Court Battles, Birth of the Automobile, and Civil War Spies. Each week’s letter explores that month’s theme from a new angle.

Are the historical letters you share real letters?

Yes. The historical letters we share are reproductions of real letters (or telegrams) written by legendary figures and eloquent eyewitnesses. They are sourced from some of the finest archives, special collections, and private sources on the planet. What topics do you cover?

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