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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the days of the week template?

Days of the week appear at the top of the template for quick weekly planning. This calendar also shows important dates, including holidays, and each month is in a different color. Create a schedule for Monday through Friday, starting and ending with whatever hours you choose.

What is a weekly calendar template?

Weekly calendar templates are the way to get more hours into your day. It’s all about getting organized. When you fill out your weekly calendar template, you’ll no longer waste time wondering what you forgot to do. You can get ahead and check off all the things you accomplished.

What are the different types of week schedules Inweekly?

Weekly schedule maker for three different weekly periods: Monday through Friday (5-day week), Monday through Saturday (6-day week) and Sunday through Saturday (7-day week). Stay organized with these flexible and easily printable week schedules in Microsoft Word format.

How can a calendar Help Me plan my Week?

Whether you prefer a traditional wall calendar, a detailed planner, or an online tool, calendars can help you balance work and personal schedules, prioritize responsibilities, and reach short- or long-term goals. To help you save time in planning your week, you can download our free and reusable weekly calendars below.

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