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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the whiteboard during a WebEx call?

During a call (or from a call in an open Webex space) press the home button and tap Whiteboard . Your whiteboard is automatically shared live with the call participants. Tap to open a new whiteboard during the call. Tap Done in the left corner of the screen if you're finished working, but remember that your whiteboard is still shared.

What can I share in a WebEx Meeting?

Well with Webex, you can share documents, videos, images and really anything you need to work on with your team in 1:1 chats and group spaces. All shared items in a space are conveniently stored in the ‘Content’ section under ‘Files’.

How do I use the whiteboard on my Device?

Using your fingertip or the provided stylus, create drawings, share ideas, and annotate shared content. Collaboration has never been easier: send your whiteboards by email, share them during calls so everybody can work together, or save them to Webex spaces. Tap the whiteboard button at the bottom of your touchscreen to open the whiteboard.

What is the WebEx open platform?

The Webex open platform enables you to integrate your SharePoint or OneDrive account to your app. This allows you to share and documents stored within SharePoint or OneDrive directly to a 1:1 chat or group space. Better still, you and your team can work on these files simultaneously without ever leaving the app and watch edits be updated live.

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