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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Power Rangers Samurai in the Power Rangers universe?

The Power Rangers Samurai two-part episode Clash of the Red Rangers, a crossover with RPM, establishes that RPM is actually in an alternate universe to the other seasons of the Power Rangers franchise. Watch on Playlist Genre: Action Adventure Science Fantasy

How many Power Rangers episodes are there?

Austin St. John & Walter Emmanuel Jones host a special retrospective on over 5 years & roughly 300 episodes of Power Rangers. Clips, montages, a "brief history of Power Rangers in just over a minute", and a music video are presented. The show rounds out with the 16 minute original, never before broadcasted Pilot Version of "Day Of The Dumpster".

What happened to the Power Rangers after the talk show?

After showing some clips from previous episodes, the Rangers depart the talk show to go save the city, and narrow avoid having their helmets yanked off by Bulk & Skull on live TV. It's "Fire Safety Week" at Angel Grove High.

Is there a Power Rangers Dino Thunder Special on DVD?

This special is only available on the Dino Thunder DVD's Volume 4: "Collison Course" and Volume 5: "Triassic Triumph". Johnny Yong Bosch hosts a 30 minute look back on classic clips from 6 seasons of Power Rangers. At least, that's what he's SUPPOSED to do.

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