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Frequently Asked Questions

Which magnets are suitable for whiteboards?

Office magnets All of our office magnets (with the exception of the magnetic clips BA-013) are suitable for use on whiteboards and whiteboard sheets. Thanks to the embedded neodymium magnets, you can securely attach up to 20 A4 sheets to the whiteboard.

How durable are glass whiteboards?

Although we are all definitely aware of what traditional whiteboards look like, many of us have never seen a glass whiteboard. These boards, made of tempered glass are up to ten times more durable than standard glass. As such, they are incredibly durable over time, rendering the investment highly worth it.

Are all whiteboards magnetic?

These coloured discs have magnets inside them, meaning they need to be used on a whiteboard that is magnetic. Basically, there are whiteboards that have a steel backing plate and there are other whiteboards that have a wooden or MDF (Mid Density Fibre) backing.

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