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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Databricks VNET injection in Ga?

Databricks VNet injection recently became GA, and we had to delegate our subnets to Microsoft.Databricks/workspaces on existing environments. I don't know whether this error is related teething problems, but this deployment used the updated ARM template above.

What type of Vnet should I use for my Databricks workspace?

Smaller companies might use the default VNet or have only a single customer-managed VNet for a single Databricks workspace. If there are two or three workspaces, depending on the network architecture and regions, they might share a single customer-managed VNet with multiple workspaces.

How do I create a VNET in azure Databricks?

To create a VNet and Azure Databricks workspace using one template, use the All-in-one Template for Azure Databricks VNet Injected Workspaces. To create a VNet with the proper subnets using a template, use the VNet Template for Databricks VNet Injection.

What is bring your own VNET (VNET injection)?

To make the above possible, we provide a Bring Your Own VNET (also called VNET Injection) feature, which allows customers to deploy the Azure Databricks clusters (data plane) in their own-managed VNETs.

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