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Frequently Asked Questions

How to right-click in VNC viewer?

How to "Right-Click" in VNC Viewer. Tap the 'mouse' icon from the little navigation bar at the top of the main VNC screen. On the bottom-right corner of the VNC screen, a small "reversed L" ( ⅃ ) is superimposed over the window. The bottom 'bar' part of the ⅃ is separated ... When you tap that ...

How does the real VNC work?

Method 1 of 5: Understanding VNC Definition: VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. Purpose: VNC allows you to remotely send keyboard and mouse input across a network or the internet from one computer to another and even view exactly what is on ... How it works: In the most basic of terms when you connect to a remote machine through VNC you see in a window the screen of the remote machine ... More items...

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