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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use VNC viewer on my Raspberry Pi?

Note you can also install VNC Viewer on your Raspberry Pi, in case you want to control a remote computer (or another Raspberry Pi!). To do this, use the Recommended Software program, or run the command sudo apt-get install realvnc-vnc-viewer. Getting connected to your Raspberry Pi There are two ways to connect; you can use either or both.

What is the free version of VNC Connect?

VNC® Connect is included with Raspberry Pi OS For simple and secure remote access, free for personal use. Control your Raspberry Pi from anywhere with VNC Connect remote access software: it's completely free for personal use and up to 5 devices.

How do I license my Raspberry Pi to RealVNC?

On your Raspberry Pi, select Licensing from the VNC Server status menu, choose Sign in to your RealVNC account, and enter your new account email and password:

How much does it cost to use VNC Connect commercially?

Need to use VNC® Connect commercially? VNC Connect on the Raspberry Pi is free for personal use, up to 5 devices.

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