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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VNC server?

A Virtual Network Computing Server, commonly known as a VNC server is a system that allows you to remotely access and interact with another PC over a network using a graphical interface. Many VNC applications have been developed; some of them include TightVNC, TigerVNC, and RealVNC.

What port does VNC run on Linux?

In this case, the :1 means that the VNC server will run on display port number 5901. To list VNC server sessions on your system, run the following command. Once the VNC server has started, check the port it is running on with the netstat command.

How do I set up a VNC server in Linux?

Now start the VNC server by running the vncserver command as a normal user. This action will create the initial configuration stored in the $HOME/.vnc directory and it will also prompt you to set up a login password. Enter a password (which must be at least six characters length) and confirm/verify it.

What is WSL2 GUI?

Typically, WSL is a command-prompt-based utility, which serves most developers’ needs, however, a graphical interface is necessary in some cases – but it is rather complicated to configure. In this tutorial, we will setup a GUI in WSL2, and access it using VNC.

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