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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the VNC server?

Steps to use the VNC server 1 Download VNC viewer provided by RealVNC for PC/Laptop from here. For more information and license click here. 2 Run VNC viewer application. Following window will appear: More ...

How to control wince device with VNC viewer?

Run VNC viewer application. Following window will appear: Enter the IP address of VNC server along with the port number. After connecting with the server, WinCE device can be controlled from the VNC viewer. The colour of the VNC server icon on WinCE taskbar will change from green-red to red-blue if atleast one viewer is connected.

What is this simple VNC viewer written in C++?

This simple VNC viewer was written in C++. It was optimized to run on Windows CE and Windows embedded compact devices. Those industrial panel or thin client devices do not offer a lot of resources and it is often demanded by various companies to run a low profile VNC viewer within their industrial control devices.

What is efonvnc Windows CE?

Embedded VNC Edition For Windows CE The EfonVNC project is an open source Windows CE Toolset. It contain a free remote control tool and other system utils for Windows,Windows CE 5.0, Windows CE 6.0! What is the EfonVNC server?

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