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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use VNC server on Windows?

When you want to use VNC Server, go to the VNC Server (User-Mode) program group (usually found under RealVNC in the Start Menu ), and click on Run VNC Server. The VNC Server icon will appear in the system tray, to indicate that VNC Server is running. At this point, you probably want to configure your personal VNC Server settings for User-Mode.

Does TightVNC 2 work on Windows 98?

- Windows 98 hangs during reboot, if there is an active connection with VNC server. from the original post: The newest TightVNC 2 does not work in Windows 98.

Is there a way to protect the VNC server settings?

For a full list of options, run winvnc4 -help. VNC Open is not designed to operate on Windows 3.11 or older, Windows NT 3.51 or Windows 95. VNC Open is designed to operate on both Windows 98 and Windows Me. Because these platforms are inherently insecure, it is not possible to protect the VNC Server settings from unauthorized access.

Can I use VNC server 4 on Windows NT 3 11?

VNC Server 4 is not designed to operate on 16-bit versions of Windows. It will therefore not operate on Windows 3.11 or older. VNC Server 4 is not designed to operate on Windows NT 3.51. It may work on NT 3.51 but don't count on it. The older VNC Open 3.3.7 release can be used on Windows NT 3.51.

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