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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect a Mac to a Windows network?

Click the System Preferences icon in the Dock. Click the Sharing icon. Select the On check box next to the File Sharing service entry to enable the connections for Mac and Windows sharing. Other Mac users can connect to your computer by clicking Go in the Finder menu and choosing the Network menu item.

Can I remote desktop to Mac from Windows?

To connect to a Windows PC, you must first turn on remote connections. Open the System Properties and click the “Remote” tab, then make sure “Allow remote connections to this computer” is enabled. You also want to make sure you install the Microsoft Remote Desktop client on your Mac. It is available in the App Store.

How do you change from PC to Mac?

Registry Editor Find your network adapter's ID information. Open the Registry Editor. Navigate to the registry key. Find your adapter. Right-click on the folder that matches your device. Double-click the new Network Address entry. Ensure that the MAC address is formatted properly. Reboot your computer to enable the changes.

How do you connect a Mac to a PC?

To connect to the Mac from a PC, you must know the short version of a user name on the Mac and have Windows Sharing enabled in the System Preferences. To find out the short version of a user name on the Mac, open up the System Preferences window from the Apple menu and select Accounts, then make sure the Password tab is selected.

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