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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3D visualization?

3D visualization is the process of creating renderings and virtual models to explore, review, and envision 3D designs. Architects can create interactive experiences to show owners and potential buyers what the design will look like.

What is 3D stereoscopic visualisation?

One of the technologies witch could be truly cold 3D is stereoscopic visualization. Only this stereoscopic 3D visualization shows all dimensions of the objects. For true perception of objects depth (like e.g. in the IMAX 3D cinema) it is necessary to visualize not only one 2D image, but at least two separated one for each human eye.

What is 3D architectural visualization?

What is Architectural Visualization? Architectural 3D visualization is the direction in advertising, real estate sales and construction , aimed at the presentation of architectural objects for different target audiences.

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