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Frequently Asked Questions

How to print visitor pass?

Sample Format of Visitors Pass You simply print some Cards with your company logo & name, location, Visitor Pass & a serial Number on the card. The visitor can hang the same in their neck.

What are the different formats of visitor Gate Pass?

Visitor gate pass can be prepared in Excel format or Word format or PDF format. Here you can find the best and simple visitor gate pass in all the above Three formats.

Why should you switch to visitor pass format?

Switch to visitor pass format with the help of automated visitor management systems. Why? Because visitor pass formats using digital mechanisms not only boosts your brand image but also saves time for your employees through visitor pre-registration and even tablet self-registration and can assist you in optimizing your workforce.

What is a Visitor ID card?

A visitor ID card serves as a gate pass for company visitors who wants to get access to a company. To help you create a formal and valid visitor ID card, we have listed below a useful how-to step guide.

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