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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people serve in the Air Force in cannon?

Population Served. Cannon’s population is approximately: 4,484 active duty service members, 5625 family members, 657 (GS- 437/NAF – 220) civilians, and 3,500 retirees. The Clovis population is approximately 37,775.

How to contact cannon Air Force base casualty assistance?

Casualty Assistance Officer Casualty Assistance 110 E. Sextant Ave, Suite 2036A Cannon AFB, NM 88103 Phone 575-784-4868 Phone (DSN) 312-681-4868 Child Development Centers Cannon AFB Child Development Center #2 202 S. Olympic Cannon AFB, NM 88103 110 E Sextant Ste.

Where is cannon Air Force base located?

Cannon AFB. Cannon Air Force Base is located directly off of Highway 60/84 in a rural, high desert region approximately eight miles west of Clovis, New Mexico. In 1906, Santa Fe Railway engineers were ordered to locate a town site in the newly developing ranch and farm area of Eastern New Mexico for a terminal. Clovis was incorporated in May 1909.

Are there TLFs in cannon that allow pets?

Families coming to Cannon may occupy TLFs for up to 15 days. There are some quarters at Caprock that allow small pets. The Caprock Inn office is located in Bldg. 1801B and their telephone number is 575-784-2918 or DSN 312-681-2919.

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