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Frequently Asked Questions

How to print visitor pass?

Sample Format of Visitors Pass You simply print some Cards with your company logo & name, location, Visitor Pass & a serial Number on the card. The visitor can hang the same in their neck.

What is the visitor toll pass™?

The Central Florida Expressway Authority is piloting a new automated toll payment solution for visitors traveling to Florida and renting a car from the Orlando International Airport called Visitor Toll Pass™. Travelers must be picking up and returning their rental vehicle at Orlando International Airport to participate.

How long can I use my Sydney pass?

Whether you're visiting for work or play, a Sydney Pass is all you need. You’ll be good to go for up to 30 days on any Sydney toll road, with just your credit card, licence plate number and travel dates. Sort your trip today.

What are visitor badges?

Visitor badges are vital in the day-to-day operation of businesses, schools, medical facilities and organizations. They are a very important tool for creating a more secure work or study environment. Our Visitor Passes are more affordable and inviting than security guards, metal detectors, and video cameras.

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