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Frequently Asked Questions

Do international visitors need medical insurance in the United States?

The high cost of healthcare in the U.S. makes buying visitors medical insurance an essential part of your trip prep, especially if you’re an international visitor to the United States. Fortunately, whether you’re a new immigrant, a green card holder, or just visiting, you have some great options for medical coverage.

What is the difference between fixed and comprehensive visitors insurance?

Visitors insurance will generally cover any new medical conditions, injuries or accidents that may occur after the effective date of the policy. Medical expenses are very high in the United States. While fixed coverage plans provide limited coverage according to schedule of benefits, comprehensive coverage provides the coverage in terms of ...

What are the key facts about Obamacare?

Key Facts about the Obamacare Bill. Obamacare is a US plan aimed at reforming the healthcare industry in the United States. The main focus of Obamacare is to give more Americans access to affordable healthcare, regulate the healthcare industry to benefit consumers, reduce healthcare spending, and improve healthcare quality.

Are there any travel insurance plans available for Australians visiting the US?

These five travel medical insurance plans are available to Australians visiting the United States. Explore travel insurance options for U.S. citizens living abroad making a short return trip to America. International travel accident insurance provides accident coverage for accidental death and dismemberment and other travel injuries.

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