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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Cover my parents under my health insurance?

Yes, you can be covered with your parents under a single health insurance plan. In fact, it is quite common. When you reach age 26, you will have to purchase a separate policy, which should not be too expensive. The existing policy will remain in your parent's name, since they were the original applicants.

How long do parents have to provide health insurance?

A child or dependent can stay on their parents` health insurance until they are 26 years old. This may vary from state to state. ... Under most plans, as long as a child is under either 6 or 12, depending on the plan, they can stay on parents health insurance.

Does visitors insurance include urgent care visits?

If your visitor's insurance does cover urgent care, the insurance company will often prefer you to go there rather than the emergency room, because it keeps their costs down, as well. Some providers may even penalize you if you visit the emergency room when it is not needed, instead of going to urgent care.

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