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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fish do cats like best?

Just about all fish is safe for cats to eat in small quantities. Canned tuna and salmon are affordable options for cats and can be served as an occasional treat.

What is the best thing to catch cat fish with?

Method 1 Choosing Gear and Bait. Shad, herring, goldeye, and other baitfish release oils that attract catfish. Slices of these fish are particularly effective for catching channel catfish, which are the most common type of catfish in North America. You can also use live baitfish that haven't been cut.

Is fish harmful to cats?

Although fish is bad for your cat and it can lead to many health issues, it does not mean that you should avoid it entirely. You can give your feline fish once in a while, and your cat will love you for it. If you want to feed your cat fish, it is better to feed your cat canned tuna, but in small amounts.

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