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Frequently Asked Questions

How do cats make friends with other cats?

Domestic and feral cats are not automatically asocial (hostile to other cats) so within a colony of cats they may form close relationships and when cats become friends they show a range of friendly behaviors towards each other including touching noses, grooming each other, rubbing against each other, playing with each other and resting together.

How many cat videos are there?

According to, a website about video marketing, there are more than two million cat videos on YouTube. People have watched these videos more than 25 billion times, which equates to an average of 12,000 views per cat video. The statistics speak for themselves, but they don’t tell the whole story.

Do cats fight with other cats?

The house cats need to burn off this energy, and play fighting is one way in which the cats can do so. If a cat feels the sudden urge to burn some energy, she may do many physically demanding behaviors, such as running around the home, playing with toys or engaging other cats in activity by play fighting.

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