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Frequently Asked Questions

What bugs are poisonous to cats?

Poisonous Bugs. Some bugs, such as stink bugs, are not poisonous per se but their secretions can cause excessive drooling or vomiting and can also irritate the cat’s gastrointestinal tract. A few bugs – lovebugs and fireflies, for example – are actually poisonous for your cat and can cause severe intestinal problems.

Is it bad for cats to eat bugs?

With a few exceptions, the answer is no. Most household and garden-variety bugs aren’t harmful to cats. Although it may turn your stomach to witness the carnage, eating bugs is a natural behavior for cats that in most cases is not cause for alarm.

Do cats catch stomach bugs?

Cats can get stomach bugs just the same as people. First thing, Stop feeding you kitten. For atleast the rest of the day to let his stomach calm down.

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