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Frequently Asked Questions

Can cats kill birds?

Cats-- Don't Believe Television- A bird should never be allowed out of its cage when a cat is roaming inside of the house. Cats are known for their stealth and ability to hunt and kill small animals, especially birds. Cats are predators by nature and this behavior is instinctive.

Do cats eat the whole bird?

Captive cat observations show that caracals pluck feather before eating. In the wild, however, small birds are not plucked except for a few feathers and the whole bird is consumed. The primary feathers of larger birds are not eaten.

How does a cat catch a bird?

Without meaning to sound flippant, cats catch birds because they can. The cat does its best to creep up on the bird, quite simply, and if the bird is particularly stupid or sluggish, the cat wins. And they hunt anything of a certain size if it moves in a quick or fluttering manner. Except for hummingbirds.

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