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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best online video player?

PotPlayer (Windows) Daum PotPlayer is our current pick for the best video player for Windows, and it's clear from the nominations round that a good number of you agree with us. PotPlayer is Windows only, but it's lightweight, free, and plays just about every file format, codec, media container, or type of file you throw its direction with ease.

Can you still buy a VCR player?

You can still buy a VCR player, just not from your usual electronics store. New VCRs haven't been produced by any manufacturers since 2016, but there are plenty of places to still purchase a new (unopened), used or refurbished VCRs. We have found 9 great websites for buying used VCRs.

What are the best portable car DVD players?

The Best Car DVD Player DBPower 10.5" Portable DVD Player. Being able to swivel your screen multiple ways is a necessity when you're traveling with kids in the car, and this model is portable, you ... NaviSkauto 10.1" Portable Car DVD Player. ... DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player. ...

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