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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are video games banned in China?

A very large number of video games are banned in the People's Republic of China. Games that contain drugs, sexual themes, blood, depictions of organized crime or the defaming of the Chinese government are almost always banned from sale.

What are the most popular online games in China?

QQ Games is one such popular online game. Growth was driven in part by China's most popular online game, Netease's Fantasy Westward Journey, which now has 1.66 million peak concurrent users.

What is the most popular Chinese game?

Baccarat Is A True Classic. It's entirely possible that you've already played a bit of baccarat; it's a popular game all around the world. However, it's among the most popular Chinese gambling games, and on the Chinese dependency of Macau, it's the most popular table game played on the peninsula's many casinos.

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