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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a camera gimbal and do you need one?

What Is a Camera Gimbal and Do You Need One by The Frisky November 2, 2018 A gimbal is a pivoted videography accessory that helps to stabilize the camera when shooting still pictures or videos in the outdoors. It allows you to capture some amazing images without so much effort-like a pro.

How does gimbal work in a camera stabilizer?

Basically, gimbals work by countering external movements with rotations in the axes. And with the help of sensors, motors, and electronic parts, gimbals in camera stabilizers can fetch you even smoother and more stable shots or footages.

What is a gimbal for a drone?

A gimbal whether handheld or mounted on a drone is designed to give the camera operator the independence of photographing or filming without camera vibration or shake. Generally powered by three brushless motors (3-axis), the gimbal has the ability to keep the camera level on all axes (pan, roll,...

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