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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Vespa Sprint so special?

The Sprint is Vespa’s sporty incarnation of the Primavera platform. It relies on all the main elements from the Primavera (frame, motor, body), while adding a number of bold design touches to achieve an edgier look. Arguably, the Sprint is the best looking machine from Vespa in decades.

When did the Vespa Sprint 50 come out?

Vespa began offering the Sprint 50 and 150 in North America for 2015 and both sizes remain on sale as of 2017. Vespa did skip the 2016 model year of the Sprint 150 in Canada, but this model returned the next year.

What are the different types of Vespa scooters?

The scooter came in two different versions. Early models, called the Vespa Sprint, were made until 1968. Later models, called the Vespa Sprint Veloce, were made beginning in 1969.

How much does a Vespa cost in Canada?

The Vespa Sprint certainly isn’t cheap at $3699 for the 50cc and $5199 for the 155cc ($3995/$5395 in Canada), but it is an outstandingly well built and quality machine with a full metal body and respectable qualifications. For most buyers, the main choice will be between the Primavera and the Sprint.

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