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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a Vespa?

Where to Buy Vespa. Feed The Machine 1016 Aviation Blvd Hermosa Beach CA 90254, 866-279-8655 – Fleet Feet Sacramento 2311 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816, 916-442-3338 – San Francisco Running Company 247 Shoreline Hwy Unit B1 Mill Valley CA 94941, 415-990-2724 – SIMPLY NUTRITION 855...

Is a Vespa a moped?

Vespa is a brand name for a scooter style of motorcycle that can range from low power to high. A moped is a general term for a motorized bicycle.

What is a Baby Scooter?

Baby Scooter is the Muppet Babies version of Scooter. In contrast to the eager young "gofer" on The Muppet Show, Baby Scooter is an intellectual computer nerd, able to look up anything on his database.

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