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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ET4 Vespa?

The ET chassis was Vespa’s first to be capable of accommodating both 2-stroke (ET2) and 4-stroke (models named ET4) engines and in sizes from 50cc to 150cc. With this new generation of scooter capable of meeting stringent emissions regulations, Vespa returned to the USA market in late 2001 after an 18 year absence.

What kind of oil does a Piaggio ET4 take?

The Piaggio ET4 has been a popular commuter bike with a loyal fanbase and it’s own owners clubs. The ET4 uses the Vespa developed LEADER (Low Emissions ADvanced Engine Range) four stroke engine. Although there good engines, they do need to be run on a GOOD QUALITY fully synthetic 5w-40 oil!

When did the Vespa ET scooter come out?

The ET series of Vespa scooters was launched in Europe in 1996, 50 years after the first Vespas were sold. The ET series of Vespa scooters was significant, as it was Vespa’s long awaited attempt to move beyond 2-stroke engines.

What kind of engine does an ET 150 scooter have?

The 4-stroke engine found in the North American market ET 150 scooters was a LEADER engine that differed from the older 4-stroke design used in ET4 150’s elsewhere prior to 2001. The LEADER powered ET4 150 posted much better fuel numbers than the earlier ET4’s, with typically milage in the 60-65mpg range.

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