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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cushman scooters made in the USA?

Dealer price may vary. The Cushman Scooters date back more than 100 years when the company was started in 1903 in Lincoln, Nebraska. As a part of American culture that spans over a century, we're proud to be the sole manufacturer in the country bringing American-made Cushman Scooters 2 to market.

Who is Vespa Motorsport?

Located near Lindbergh Field in the heart of San Diego, Vespa Motorsport is the product of over 26 years of scooter fan-dom. Started in 1992 in the neighborhood of Normal Heights, the shop was originally a service center and parts supplier for vintage Vespas.

Is Vespa everywhere a lifestyle?

Vespa.Everywhere is a lifestyle. Check out Vespa so you can Vespa Everywhere.

Why buy a Cushman 2?

As a result, Cushman 2 has captured many accolades for its quality products, as well as for its drive to create a durable scooter, based on an American classic. But being made in America also means something more, it means that this is a great place to do business, live, work and remember what makes our craftsmanship a symbol of American pride.

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