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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Blue Key do on a Vespa?

The Brown key is used to burn the code into the ECU or CDI and to program additional BLUE chipped keys. The Blue Key is the Slave Key. In the Vespa world, it's commonly referred to as the Blue Key. The Blue key is the key you should be using for everyday use.

What kind of key do you need for a Vespa topcase?

(The original BROWN MASTER KEY is required for this service.) Key an original Vespa topcase to match the ignition. That's right, the same key for the topbox and ignition. (We'll NEED a BLUE or BROWN KEY.) Sell, cut, and duplicate keys for most Vespa topcases.

Do all Vespa/Piaggio keys need to be programmed?

The majority of Vespa and Piaggio keys are chipped and need to be programmed in order for them to work correctly. All Vespa/Piaggio models except the following require a programmed and chipped key: ET2, LX50, Vespa S50/150, Fly 50, Typhoon 50/125, and some Fly 150s.

Where can I buy a Vespa in Los Angeles?

Vespa Los Angeles in Sherman Oaks, CA - #1 Vespa Dealer in the Entire USA! - Vespa, Piaggio, and Moto Guzzi Sales, Service, Parts, Financing, & Studio Rentals Vespa Los Angeles has all the new 2021 colors in stock! We just received the new 75th-anniversary limited editions!!

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