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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vernon CA known for?

The City of Vernon is 5.2 square miles located southeast of Downtown Los Angeles in Southern California. Vernon houses more than 1,800 businesses, employing approximately 55,000 people, serving as a vital economic engine.

What is the significance of Mount Vernon?

Mount Vernon is one of the most iconic 18th-century homes in America. George Washington's mind was rarely far from the lush gardens and majestic views at Mount Vernon.

What county is Vernon Indiana in?

Welcome! Vernon is a town in Vernon Township, Jennings County, Indiana, United States. As of the 2010 census, the town population was 318. As the county seat of Jennings County, it is the smallest town with that designation in the state of Indiana.

Is Mount Vernon open to the public?

Mount Vernon. Open 365 days a year, Mount Vernon is located just 15 miles south of Washington DC. From the mansion to lush gardens and grounds, intriguing museum galleries, immersive programs, and the distillery and gristmill.

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