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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Utahraptor eat?

Utahraptor’s diet consisted predominantly of large herbivorous dinosaurs. In the formations where it was found (the Yellow Cat and Poison Strip members of the Cedar Mountain Formation, respectively), Utahraptor lived alongside such dinosaurs as Gastonia, Hippodraco, Cedrorestes, Iguanacolossus, Martharaptor, and Falcarius.

How big is an Utahraptor?

Utahraptor was up to 7 feet tall, and weighed somewhat less then 500 kilograms; around the size of a polar bear.

How fast is an Utahraptor?

The top speed of a Utahraptor is debatable, but going off of other dinosaurs of similar sizes who we have a more complete fossil record of, we can say that Utahraptor could run between 25 and 30 mph.

Where did Utahraptor live?

Utahraptor lived in the lower part of the Cedar Mountain Formation, which during the Barremian was a semiarid area with floodplain prairies, riverine forests, and open woodlands. There is believed to have been a short wet season.

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