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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the last day of Fall 2021 semester?

Fall Semester 2021 Academic event Day (s) of the week Date Thanksgiving Holiday Wednesday - Friday Nov 24 - 26 No-Test Week No-Test Days Policy Monday - Friday Dec 06 - 10 Last Day of Classes Friday Dec 10 Final Examinations Monday - Friday Dec 13 - 17 5 more rows ...

How long is each semester at Utah State University?

Note: Utah State University maintains a semester system of instruction. Fall and spring semester are each 16 weeks duration and two 7-week sessions. Summer session spans a total of 14 weeks and includes a 14-week general session and two 7-week sessions.

Is Utah State University closed on Labor Day 2021?

USU will be closed September 6 2021 in observance of Labor Day. 9/06 | All Day | Utah State University | More Info No classes. 9/06 | All Day | Utah State University | More Info The University Reserve Lab and the Library Computer Labs will be open from 6pm-12am. All other It Computer Labs will be closed because of Labor Day.

What are the dates for fallfall 2021?

Fall Semester 2021 August 30 Classes Begin August 30 - October 19 First 7-week Session September 6 Holiday (Labor Day) October 15 Fall Break October 20 - December 10 Second 7-week Session 4 more rows ...

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