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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about raptors Athletics baseball?

Welcome to Raptors Athletics Baseball home page. Here you will be able to get up to date information on the latest news, schedules, field status, rosters, registration and much more! Please check back often for the latest information regarding our club.

How did Utahraptor get its name?

The "type fossil" of Utahraptor was unearthed from Utah's Cedar Mountain Formation (part of the larger Morrison Formation) in 1991 and named by a team including paleontologist James Kirkland; however, this raptor lived tens of millions of years before its fellow Utah namesake, the recently described (and much bigger) horned, frilled dinosaur ...

Did Utahraptor hunted in packs?

No One Knows If Utahraptor Hunted in Packs. Since only isolated individuals of Utahraptor have been discovered, positing any kind of pack behavior is a delicate matter, as it is for any theropod dinosaur of the Mesozoic Era.

What players have played for the Toronto Raptors?

Pitcher Ben Sheets, first baseman Prince Fielder, shortstop J. J. Hardy and third baseman Bill Hall formerly played for the Raptors. Hall of Famer Frank Robinson played for the Ogden Reds, a previous Ogden franchise in the Pioneer League.

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