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Who are the missing persons in Utah?

Utah's Missing Persons List. 1 Abriella Louise Greenfield. DOB: 05/21/05. AGE: 16. EYES: Brown. HAIR: Light Brown. HEIGHT: 5’01”. WEIGHT: 130. Contact North Ogden PD with any ... 2 Tianna Rose Greenfield. 3 Suraya Roberts. 4 Dwayne Dutton. 5 Lucero Jimenez. More items

What happened to Susan Powell and is she still missing?

It’s how Susan’s husband Josh died, though – with the couple’s two children in a home explosion – that’s the most bizarre aspect of the case. Susan Powell is still missing. Her disappearance is the subject of a Dateline special on October 4, 2019. What happened to Susan Powell?

Was Joshua Smith involved in his wife's disappearance?

In a February 2013 interview, Manley, who had conducted the 2011–2012 evaluations of Joshua for Washington authorities, acknowledged his suspicions that Joshua was involved in his wife's disappearance.

Was Susan Powell's blood found in Utah home?

^ a b c "Court documents: Susan Powell's blood, hand-written note expressing fear were found in Utah home". MSNBC. Associated Press. Archived from the original on April 28, 2012.

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