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Frequently Asked Questions

Did missing Utah woman live in tent for 5 months?

(Utah County Sheriff's Office) A missing woman lived in this tent for more than five months, according to police. A Utah County woman who had been missing for more than five months was found unharmed in a tent in Spanish Fork Canyon — because a drone being used to search for her crashed near her camp.

What happened to the drone used to search for evidence?

But the drone being used to search for evidence crashed during its first pass of the area, forcing the sergeant and drone pilot to set off on foot to retrieve it. As the pair walked into the hills, they spotted what appeared to be an abandoned tent.

What happened to the woman who abandoned her car in Utah?

The woman's vehicle was found apparently abandoned in a campground parking lot in November 2020. (Utah County Sheriff's Office) Search crews responded and combed the area on foot and by air but still could not locate the woman. Deputies impounded the car and took the camping equipment, believing they were abandoned.

What happened to the 47-year-old woman in Utah?

On Nov. 25, the 47-year-old woman’s car was found in a parking lot at the Dry Canyon Trailhead in the Diamond Fork area. Utah County Sheriff’s Office detectives and search and rescue personnel were unable to find anyone in the area, and “telephone information” led them to believe the woman might be in Colorado.

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