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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "USCG" stand for?

USCG is an acronym for United States Coast Guard

Does the USCG have a JROTC program?

The United States Coast Guard does currently have two CGJROTC Units one located in Miami, Florida, and the other in Camden County, North Carolina. The first unit, the Claude Pepper Junior Leadership Pilot Program (CPJLPP) was created at the Maritime and Science Technology Academy (MAST Academy) located in Virginia Key, Miami, Fl.

What is USCG Certificate of documentation?

A certificate of documentation is the proof of ownership of a vessel and is issued by the Coast Guard. A certificate of documentation can be used as evidence to prove the vessel has been documented and must be kept on the vessel at all times.

Where is the largest Coast Guard base in the US?

United States Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater (CGAS Clearwater) is the United States Coast Guard's largest air station. It is located at the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport in Clearwater, Florida and is home to nearly 600 USCG aviation and support personnel.

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