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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if a job is open in Tucson?

The link to jobs that are currently open with the City of Tucson is located in the upper left-hand side of this page labeled Job Openings. Jobs are updated daily and are viewable as long as the recruitment is open.

What can you do with a USAJobs account?

With a USAJOBS account and profile you can save jobs, save and automate job searches, and manage everything you need to complete your application, including resumes and required documents. 2 Search for Jobs. Once you create your account, you can search for jobs. It’s best to sign into your account before doing a search.

What is the federal hiring process on USAJobs?

Learn about the Federal Application Process Below is an overview of the federal hiring process. This process is in place to make sure all applicants receive fair and equal opportunity. First, you need to create an account and complete your profile to apply to any job on USAJOBS.

Does the city of Tucson have a Chief Equity Officer position?

Introduction The City of Tucson is conducting a national search to fill the newly created position of Chief Equity Officer. Please click on the link below… More... Paid Time Away: New hires enjoy 37 days of paid time off in the first year, with time increasing steadily thereafter (In year one: 13 accrued days of vacation,…

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