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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the most gold medals in basketball?

Cuba also holds the most medals in the sport, placing in each Olympic baseball event. For men’s basketball, the United States leads with both the most medals and the most gold medals. The United States basketball has won the gold medal 13 times, followed by the Soviet Union.

When was United States basketball last lost at the Olympics?

The last loss came in 2004. The United States' basketball team last lost in the Summer Olympics in 2004 at the Athens' Games. The loss came against Argentina in the semifinals of the medal round....

When is the next USA basketball game?

USA Men's National Team will play domestic exhibition games at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Aug. 9 and the Honda Center in Anaheim on Aug. 16. Suzy Merchant (Michigan State), Felisha Legette-Jack (Buffalo) and Vic Schaefer (Mississippi State) are the 2019 U.S. Pan American Games Women's Basketball Team coaches.

Did USA Basketball win gold?

Team USA did it! The men’s basketball team won the gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics. This was their second straight gold in basketball and 14th overall for the US. On a side-note, the USA women’s basketball team also won gold.

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