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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the University of Oregon a good school?

Because of sports successes, the popularity with Californians, and a very good honors college (Clark) the University of Oregon is a higher profile institution among college-bound students than schools such as UMass or SUNY-Buffalo. It should be doing a better job of graduating students than it does.

Is the University of Oregon a good college?

The University of Oregon is a great school with ample funding, highly qualified staff, a great student body, and many clubs and extracurriculars to choose from. It is located in a small yet lovely town with lots of outdoor activities, beautiful hikes, and good dining spots to choose from. Students tend to feel supported by their mentors and peers.

What degrees does the University of Oregon offer?

Through the Graduate School, the University of Oregon offers studies leading to advanced degrees in the liberal arts and sciences and in the professional fields of architecture and allied arts, business, education, journalism and communication, and music and dance.

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