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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reddit blocked in China?

Yes, Reddit is blocked in China, and so are other major web services such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, and others. This is most likely due to the forbidden content and open discussions they contain. However, you can open the NordVPN app, pick a server of the country where Reddit isn’t blocked, and enjoy it.

Is Reddit blocked in Indonesia?

Many company and university networks deny people access to popular news sites to reduce distractions. In addition to that, Reddit may be temporarily or permanently blocked in specific countries, like Indonesia. It takes only 3 simple steps to experience internet freedom. All set – Reddit is now unlocked! Not sure yet? Learn more about VPN

Does unblockit work with GitHub Addy?

Unblockit at it again.... Anti virus companies blacklisting, the github addy works but even then the sites wont get past the cloudflare junk and gets stuck in a loop. This is solely on unblockit..and their new BS protection...every site i can't reach via unblockit I can google and reach the real site

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