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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you block unknown callers on an iPhone?

Block an unknown person who called your phone Tap the phone icon on your iPhone. Tap the Recents button. Tap on the circled “i” next to the unknown caller that you want to block. Scroll to the bottom and tap Block this Caller. Tap Block Contact.

How do I unblock calls on my iPhone?

How to unblock a phone number or email address on iPhone and iPad Launch the Settings app from your Home screen. Tap on Phone, Messages, or FaceTime. Tap Call Blocking & Identification if you chose Phone. Tap Edit in the upper right corner of your screen. Tap the minus button (red circle) next to the number or email address you'd like to unblock.

How do you unblock caller ID?

Pick up the phone and dial "*82" on the handset. The code needs to be dialed on a per-call basis to unblock the caller ID information. Listen for two quick beeps. Dial the phone number you are calling and begin the conversation once the other party answers the phone.

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