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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ueno in Tokyo?

Ueno is part of the historical Shitamachi (literally "low city") district of Tokyo, a working class area rather than where the aristocrats and rich merchants lived.

Is Ueno a good place to stay?

Like nearby Asakusa, accommodation in Ueno is cheaper than in most other parts of Tokyo. There are plenty of budget and midrange hotels here and even a few ryokan scattered about. It's a good place to stay if you want to save money and don't mind "commuting" to other parts of the city for sightseeing.

What is the nearest train station to Ueno Park?

Ueno Station is the nearest train station and is operated by JR East. Ueno Park and Ueno Station are also home to a large percentage of Tokyo's homeless population. Though nearly invisible in other parts of Tokyo, the homeless population in Ueno can be found sleeping or communing in large numbers around the "ike" (ponds) of this district.

What to do in Ueno Park?

Spacious Ueno Park is a great place to relax and visit a variety of different museums and galleries. At Ameyoko which starts in front of Ueno station, the grocery stores and clothing shops are crammed alongside fishmongers. It gets particularly busy at the end of the year, when many people go on shopping sprees.

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