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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ueno famous for?

Ueno (上野) is a district in Tokyo's Taitō Ward, best known as the home of Ueno Park. Ueno is also home to some of Tokyo's finest cultural sites, including the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Western Art, and the National Museum of Nature and Science, as well as a major public concert hall.

What does Ueno look like in real life?

Ueno is a pale-skinned teenage girl with straight mid-back length black hair with long bangs and dark purple eyes. She is normally seen in her school uniform: a traditional white and red sailor fuku uniform, along with a dark skirt and a tan school sweater.

Who is Ueno san wa bukiyou?

Ueno (上野 Ueno) is the protagonist of Ueno-San wa Bukiyou. She is the current president of the Science Club. Her inventions and how she uses them on Tanaka form the episodic structure of the story. Ueno has red hair tied in twintails.

What is your review of Ueno San?

Ueno-san is a simple show at heart, but it manages to use great execution, creative ideas, and one very adorable Ueno-san in order to make a comedy that not only works, but provides more than just it's comedic jokes.

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