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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Elves enslaved in the Witcher?

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction ran a story, "An Elvish Sword of Great Antiquity" in which elves had been enslaved for a very long time, with obvious parallels with the enslavement of African-Americans and white attitudes towards them. In The Witcher (at least in the books), Elves were once a noble and proud race, before humans came.

Are elves slaves to our world?

The remnant of Elves who linger on into our world are slaves - to a land they cannot bear to depart from but which has less and less of a place for them. Played with in The Riyria Revelations.

Why do enslaved elves wear collars of subjugation?

Enslaved elves wear Collars of Subjugation to prevent them from turning on their masters. In the Ancient Dreams series, ten thousand years ago the elves were once part of one great kingdom known as Everium. However, after an event known as the Godrage, in which the gods battle against each other, it sundered the kingdom into two.

Who were slaves in medieval times?

Desperate people at times even sold themselves as slaves to have support at least. Slaves could therefore be any ethnicity, including that of their master, and prior to capture, they might be any social class ranging from peasant to king (the latter would be more probable to get ransomed sometimes of course).

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