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Frequently Asked Questions

What is socket programming?

Socket programming is a programming schema in which sockets are used and manipulated to create a connection between software. Sockets are used to connect software either between different computers or within the same computer so the programs can share data.

What is socket programming in Python?

Socket Programming in Python. Socket programming is a way of connecting two nodes on a network to communicate with each other. One socket(node) listens on a particular port at an IP, while other socket reaches out to the other to form a connection. Server forms the listener socket while client reaches out to the server.

How is socket programming used in Java?

Java Socket Programming Socket class. A socket is simply an endpoint for communications between the machines. ... ServerSocket class. ... Example of Java Socket Programming. ... Example of Java Socket Programming (Read-Write both side) In this example, client will write first to the server then server will receive and print the text. ...

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