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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of generics in Java?

Disdvantages of Generics: Generic types can be derived from most base classes, such as MarshalByRefObject (and constraints can be used to require that generic type parameters derive from base classes like MarshalByRefObject). However, the .NET Framework does not support context-bound generic types.

What are generic methods in Java?

In java, generic method is a special type of method that can be used for different types of data. You can write a single generic method that can be called with arguments of different types.

How to create a generic class in Java?

A generic class in Java is a class that can operate on a specific type specified by the programmer at compile time. To accomplish that, the class definition uses type parameters that act as variables that represent types (such as int or String ). To create a generic class, you list the type parameter after the class name in angle brackets .

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