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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TruStage insurance?

TruStage Insurance is a credit union-focused insurance program from CUNA Mutual Insurance. It offers term life insurance, whole life insurance, and AD&D policies to participating credit union members. Customers are quite happy when it comes to their experience with TruStage Insurance.

Is TruStage life insurance a scam?

Several people appear to believe that the AD&D coverage offered through TruStage and its credit union is a scam and were not happy the credit union shared their contact information. A few TruStage life insurance complaints address billing and claims issues. We also looked at the CMFG Life Insurance BBB page, which also shows an A+ rating.

Is trusttrustage good for car insurance?

TruStage insurance offers mainly life insurance (term life insurance, whole life insurance, guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance, and AD&D). However, they can set you up with great car insurance, as well. It has garnered an A+ rating from the BBB and an additional 4.8/5 from Google.

Is TruStage part of Cuna?

Yes. TruStage is part of the CUNA Mutual Group family of brands. TruStage insurance is issued by CMFG Life Insurance Company. What can I do with my online service account? Creating an online service account lets you manage some features of your policy online.

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