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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best trapshooting forums?

Trapshooting Forum - | - The open trapshooting forum. - The open trapshooting forum. Forum, pictures, and news, related to the sport of American Trapshooting. Links are a threat to the forum and our private information.

Is there a trapshooting history thread?

Trapshooting History Thread--This Thread contains links and discussion on the history of our sport. Official Grand Campsite Thread if you are seeking a campsite or have one to offer. George MT. by George MT. George MT.

Where can I get a trapshooter near the Cardinal center?

The sports glass prescription specialist. Located 30 minutes north of the Cardinal Center. Ask Art at the Heritage Inn for the trapshooter special. (419) 589-3333. Cleanest rooms around.

What can you do with a trap gun?

There’s not much you can do with them other than break trap targets, but they are supremely adapted for that role. Long and heavy to point surely and soak up recoil, trap guns must be able to endure hundreds of rounds in a day, and tens of thousands in a season.

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